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Our location is in the center of Missouri about 11 miles west of Jefferson City in the rural Village of Centertown. We have a small farm of about 15 acres. I got my first Aussie in March of 2000 because I was home alone alot while my husband worked late and weekends and I wanted a companion, so I did a lot of research with temperament the most important because I wanted a best friend and that’s what I got, my husband’s best friend. It is true the Aussie picks their people.

After that I became interested in conformation, I went to shows alone at first, then I decided to get Jake and give conformation a try. So because I was not physical able to run in the ring I recruited my cousin to show Jake for me. Then my sister Cindy and family were stationed at Kansas City, Missouri. After spending time with my Aussies during visits to my home and attending her first show in Kansas City, she was hooked. Cindy has Aussies now and is now showing her Aussie Mater. Thus the beginning of “Lookout Trail” Australian Shepherds".


Cindy and her family have been transferred to Hohenfels, Bayern, Germany. Look for Cindy and Mater in the German ASCA Show ring. Whoop Whoop!!!
Susan Gilliam
Centertown MO
Cindy Runkle
Hohenfels, Bayern, Germany
Australian Shepherds
We both have different occupations and daily lives. However, we both have in common our love for the Australian Shepherd breed. It is important to us to have fun and make it fun for our dogs and at the same time produce the very best dogs for conformation, performance and loving pets. Before breeding a dog it is evaluated for soundness of body and mind, temperament, structure, movement and passes all genetic testing.
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The Aussie is a very intelligent breed, easy to train and highly active; they are not a breed suited to being left in the back yard alone all the time. They will get bored and become destructive (i.e. digging, chewing, barking etc.). Aussies are of the herding group with high prey instinct and a built in instinct to herd. They may try to herd kids, other cats and dogs or even cars.

They live to please their owners and have an intense desire to be with "their humans" at all times. I rarely go anywhere without at least two of them under my feet for fear of missing something. However, this desire and activity level is not for everyone. An Aussie is very active so if you don't have a large fenced yard, or are at least willing to play ball, Frisbee, or take the dog for walks daily, this may not be the breed for you. If you decide this is the right breed for you, then the possibilities are endless as to what you and your Aussie can do together.

Aussies are protective of their humans, yard, cars, kids etc. This can vary among individual dogs. While some Aussies will bark and then become friendly once their owners say it's OK, others will remain suspicious and reserved around strangers.
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